In response to the President’s call for houses of worship to reopen now…


Dear Friends,


We don’t expect governments to take Jesus’ words “love your neighbor” seriously, but we expect followers of Jesus to. Of course, the church is essential. Because Jesus says so. Not because of what any government authority says. The church need not be hurried to re-open because the reality is that the church has never closed. Only the buildings have closed. We just happen to be worshiping together apart in our homes, for now, as a way of promoting safety and mitigating risk, as an expression of the love we have for our neighbors, and as an acknowledgment that any reckless behavior on our part could have a devastating effect on others. When we believe that it is safe enough, and that we have taken every precaution we can in love for our community, we will faithfully plan to gather together again.


In the meantime, our church is already open.

We are open to the Spirit’s guidance.

We are open to how God’s Spirit is showing up in homes, in neighborhoods, in

   technology, in our hearts and minds and bodies.

We are open to learning new ways to tell the living story of God’s grace.

We are open to Jesus Christ freeing us from self-interest and entitlement.

We are open to Jesus Christ freeing us to love and serve our neighbors in new ways.


Grace and Peace,

Pastor Brandon