Theology on Tap Various Mondays @ 6:15 PM, Led by
Pastor Brandon Lewis

Stay tuned for possible Virtual Meetings


Drink. Conversation. Community. God.

For centuries men and women have gathered together to try to understand and experience God. They have added to the mix their own faith, practices and beliefs, their own unusual ingredients. At times agreeing, other times not, they mingled their own theology with the theology of others as they attempted to know God.

This is what we do at Theology On Tap. Sharing. Learning. Listening. Agreement is not required, but respectful dialogue is the only way this works. All are welcome.

“What makes beer and religion a good pairing? Beer and religion have a long history–monasteries served as brewing centers, Martin Luther could brew up a good pint, and so on. A good beer is flavorful and complex, and leaves a lasting impression. It’s the same with a good spiritual practice.” –Bryan Bergoef